New Year is HERE.. and so will be the new products and goodies!!

And so... the New Year has arrived! We'realready in 2018!!!

Yes.. another year has come and gone and now we are all already in 2018. Here at BrutalVisual Studios it has been an interesting 5 months (yes.. for those of you who don't know we only opened our doors to the public in August 2017). We have seen members of the team come and go and some make roots for a long future within our company. We have also started on new versions of our products which we hope will be ready to launch before the next month.

We have a lot of plans for 2018.. to make what we do for you better than ever. New product categories such as Digital Download will be made available... new and redesigned products and much much more. So keep your EYE out on our website for some game changing developments in 2018.


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