Yep.. it's true! If you have an Android device.. now you can checkout our store directly using it...

You just need to install it by clicking on the following link :

This APP requires a internet connection in order to work.. :)

More good stuff in the way... keep checking us out! ^_^


UPDATE ON 14/09/2017 : 

  -> For some strange reason Google's Playstore is having some dificulties accepting our name (BrutalVisual Studio) as a reference for the Android application publishment. It seems that they have confused us with Microsoft's Visual Studio (we think.. it's not yet clear). This is nothing more than a temporary confusion and we are currently waiting for a solution from their side. Meanwhile.. you may download our application from our sister website located at the following URL :


UPDATE ON 18/09/2017 : 

  -> We have sorted it out with Google's PlayStore. All is ok.. and the app can be downloaded from google's playstore now.